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Puppy School
Tatoi Dog Playground - Dog training - Basic Obedience - Agility - Relaxation park - Acharnes Attiki


Training a dog starts from the very first day you welcome the puppy into your home. Before you get your puppy, consult us! "Prevention is better than cure."
At the same time, socializing your puppy is one of the most important and necessary processes for its subsequent development! That's why it has to be done the right way. At the Tatoi Dog Playground Puppy School we take care of your puppy's first contact with our trained and fully balanced dogs so that he gets the most positive first experiences and behaviors!
Finally, the main goal of the pre-training program we follow is for your puppy to acquire all the first basic supplies for a smooth initial coexistence with you.

These include:

  • potty training
  • the crate/box learning
  • socializing with other animals, situations & people
  • the development of the food & play drive
  • ensuring his concentration and patience
  • the introduction to simple commands